Divot Repair Tools

Clean up the green with this handy metal golf divot repair tool! Don’t settle for a cheap plastic tool that could snap; these are sturdy and long-lasting. These also include a magnetic marker, where your logo or company information can be displayed.

At a folded size of 2.75”x1”, these easily fit into a pocket. Extend the tool with a button on the side (full length: 4.5”). A notch on the end of the tool serves as a support for a club, to keep it up off of the wet grass.

Promote your brand around the course, or match them for your golfing event! Support good golfing etiquette with this tool’s use.

Insert the fork into the outer edge of the depression and push the soil towards the center. Repeating until all sides are finished, then gently press the ground with your club or hand to even out the turf.

This golf divot repair tool is available in red, black, dark gray, or silver. The logo can be printed onto the marker with a full color (4:0) process, at 1” in diameter.

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