About Us

Dreamscape Printing has been an integral part of serving the greater Salt Lake Valley for the past 13 years; we started by providing local businesses with their branding and identity needs, but have grown into so much more. By providing our services, we have grown into a company that has branched out into many aspects of the printing world for services that include offset printing, graphic design services, corporate apparel such as silk screening and embroidery, signs, direct mail, and promotional items.

Our production process is simple, we use quality materials to ensure you're getting the best product for you or your business that allows you to stand out from the rest. Our professional staff works hard to make sure every little detail is accounted for so we reduce the possibility of having issues or problems in the future. Our designers are professionally trained and educated in the latest software and programs that will allow them to make your design pop. The production crew works to ensure every little detail of the printing process and the quality for your order are exactly what you asked for, the first time, every time. Our installers work day or night to make sure that your needs are met within deadlines and work very hard to achieve the goal of making your business look good while minimizing any down-time or interference during your business hours. Our friendly sales staff will work with you to make sure your getting what you need, both in product and pricing.

We are committed to you and your needs and will work endlessly to ensure those concerns are met with exceptional results. It's our goal and promise that we will work hard for you so you are able to relax and enjoy in the fact that you chose a great company to partner with in Dreamscape Printing to handle all your business and professional needs with your company identity.

Our Customer Care Center

640 N Main St.
North Salt Lake, UT
Suite #121