Packaging Tape

At Dreamscape Printing, we offer your own custom printed packaging tape! You can choose between a strong, durable paper reinforced tape, or a colorful printed plastic tape. Whichever you choose, you and your company will project a professional image to your clients. Select and design your own custom packaging tape today!

Creating a your own custom packaging tape online is simple by selecting one of three options.

  1. Hire A Designer — Professional dynamic and clean designs are created by our Graphic Design Team and sent to your email to be upload into your account.
  2. Use Design Tool — We offer a free online design tool to make your own design and help you create your business card. In our Free Online Design Tool you may change fonts, colors, add dynamic shapes, custom icons, QR Codes, and add free background images from photography stock sites.
  3. Download Templates — Does your company have a professional Marketing Department or Graphic Designer on hand? If the designs are handled in house simply go to Download Templates and see a list of Free Design Templates files that take into account product size, bleeding, folding lines and Die-cutting. Design on this template in a program such as Illustrator or Photoshop and submit online with your order.