Logo Design Packages

We offer many affordable logo package types to get you started on your Logo Brand journey!

Logo Design is an integral part of making your brand successful. A good quality logo can foster a lot of consumer confidence in purchases or in services you provide. Your logo brand should grab their attention right from the get go – well done logos should represent and communicate, quality, trust, and be memorable visual representations of your business style. Our quality designs will separate you from your competition. We offer a questionnaire after your online purchase to get valuable feedback on how you want us to represent your company visually in executing these design concepts. We then will present these design concepts to you to choose the best representation of your company brand.

Our talented graphic designers may range from one up to five. The advantage of adding multiple designers to your project is immense. By adding a single additional designer you will receive another creative mind that can have a fresh inspirational take on your logo brand. As no two people are alike, so it is with multiple artists approach to your logo design. Our additional artists aid greatly to give you creative diversity in choosing your logo design concept. The more artists you choose the more options you will have to connect with the designs presented. The hard part will be choosing only one design concept to move forward with!

Design Concepts is a way to offer a unique and different approach to the logo design itself. Design Concepts are considered to be a whole new logo concept. Design Concepts are based on the questionnaire you fill out following your online logo design package purchase. We will narrow down visually your likes and dislikes by examples in our questionnaire. This helps us when presenting design concepts to you. For example if you dislike a modern style in a logo design. We will stay away from presenting you with logo concepts that are modern in style. We will present only design styles you approve of based on the questionnaire given after the logo design package purchase. Once one Logo Design Concept is chosen it is then subject to Revisions.

Revisions are used once a single Design Concept is picked. Revisions are any visual changes requested after the Design Concept is chosen. Revision changes may include: using a different font, color changes, size changes, positional logo and text changes or adding a tagline. Revisions are not to create an entire new logo concept.

Logo Style Guide Includes:

  1. Logo Use Guidelines.
  2. Logo Brand Color Palette.
  3. Logo Color in Hex, CYMK, RGB, Pantone Codes.
  4. Logo Typography Hierarchy.

Steps to Process Your Logo Design from Dreamscape™

  1. Complete your initial purchase.
  2. Fill out the online Logo Design Form.
  3. Receive an email notification from Dreamscape™ with Logo Design Concepts.
  4. Choose a single Logo Design Concept.
  5. If needed go through any revisions or alterations to that logo design concept chosen.
  6. Congratulations! Your logo Design will be emailed directly to you.
  7. Your Logo Design will be sent to you in a .png, .ai, .pdf, and .jpeg format.

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